as in nownownow

This is me within a point in time, as best I can summarise myself.

Me time

  • I live in Glasgow, Scotland with my [very] significant other, our dog (a Pomeranian), rabbit, 2 fish and hamster. (I've re-written this point far too often because pets pass away too quickly)
  • I bought my first ever comic book recently, Batman #95. I chose this one because I've been playing the Arkham games lately and always wanted to see if I would enjoy comics as much as I do the TV/Movies inspired by them.
  • Watching TV, walking the dog and generally keeping isolated.

Things to do post-Covid

  • The gym
  • Skating in the form of Roller disco, Roller derby (maybe... see below) and Aggressive inline park skating.
  • Cinema trips at the weekend


Further down this page, you'll come across a few pursuits/goals I have for my work and educational areas. Many of these are to support the main goal in life right now.

  • Move to Canada - The driver for much of what I do.
  • Learn to drive (Currently studying for theory test).
  • Sort out a better daily routine. Ideally; early wake-up, a nice morning walk, work, lunch-time fitness and chilled evenings.


Or more specifically, educational learning pursuits.

  • Studying at The Open University, working towards having a piece of paper that says I can computer.
    • Notice the point below this one is struck out...because I started before this page even went live
    • I am studying four modules; Algorithms, data structures and computability, Managing IT: the why, the what and the how, Web technologies, Object-oriented Java programming
  • Preparing to enrol in The Open University with credit transfer from an unfinished degree I undertook over a decade ago.

Coding time

  • I've been a Software Engineer at FanDuel for 2+ years. I was promoted to Senior at the beginning of 2020.
  • I mostly work in React and I build a lot of random sites using Gatsby.
  • I build small experimental apps in Flutter. (coincidentally FanDuel's parent company is also called Flutter)
  • I build and manage a lightweight storage system for my friend's Games that I've codenamed Morpus.
  • My main side project is called Pongstars, it's a mobile app written in Flutter for managing Table Tennis leagues. (we play a lot at work)


  • Get back to full-stack development.
  • Build my partner a portfolio website.


The gym is the only reason I manage to hold back the blubber that was my body. I used to be nearly 108kg (17st, 237 pounds) and then I took the gym, and my diet, more serious and managed to drop 25kg. Now that I'm in lockdown it's all unravelling.

  • When not in lockdown I went to the gym every weekday on my lunch break (usually around 2 hours).
  • I also attend training for Roller Derby. I'm not very good and I haven't played a proper game yet, and may never as I came to realise I am not at all competitive and I just like the training.


I've significantly toned down my goals because... lockdown.

  • Walk more.
  • Try to get into the habit of doing some stretch work to counter all the sitting.

This page was last updated on 29th October 2020.