Rogues with Benefits

Posted by Jon Deaves on Mar 7th, 2018

Rogues with Benefits is an award winning game being developed by Yellowcake Games

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Rogues with Benefits is an online multiplayer top-down co-op hack ‘n slash with roguelite influences for PC where players can go in alone or up to teams of 4 and attempt to clear the levels and survive difficult encounters. Losing the game means they have to restart from the beginning, with a fresh character.

The brief

I have been friends with one of the developers for years and when he told me they were looking to create a holding page to gain sign ups for their Alpha I was more than happy to help them out. Since then the site has developed into a more complete web presence with video embedding, blogging and content management.

The tech

The site is built using the Laravel based open-source CMS called OctoberCMS. With its online marketplace of extensions I was able to quickly create a content managed site with all the functionality required. As well as developing my own extensions for integrations with MailChimp and Facebook.

Additional functionality includes an API developed as a bridge between the website and the game client. This allowed the team to gather invaluable feedback during their first Alpha event as the game was able to submit feedback and in-game screenshots directly to the website to be shown on the administration interface. The API also provides a rudimentary version checker to allow specific game versions to be active for a limited time.


  • The website can be found here

The future

Development of the game is currently on hold as the company have shifted focus to some of their newer IP. As part of this they have archived the original website beneath their main Yellowcake Games website.

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