Posted by Jon Deaves on Mar 8th, 2018

Soar performance running wear is designed to be better

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Soar performance running wear is designed to be better. Every cut and every seam is carefully considered, every fabric chosen for its exceptional technical qualities.

The brief

While working with Everyone, a creative agency within Glasgow, I had the opportunity to work on this website from the very beginning. The client, a sports wear company focusing on runners, wanted a website to sell their products.

The tech

Having received several photoshop design files it was my task to turn these into functional web pages using the in-house CMS which is based on PHP and MySQL. Due to the deadlines associated with this project the work was split between two developers, the second developer handled the integration with our e-commerce systems while I focused on the UI and other features.


To ensure the product is propertly represented the site uses s lot of imagary. This was achieved in two parts; through the use of blog posts and banner images within the CMS and with the use of an API integration with instagram.

I developed an integration with the Instagram API in order to pull images and text from the feed and show this on the main website, ensuring content can be kept fresh and relevant with greater ease.


The client wanted to ensure a strong presence across all relevant social media services and as a result of this I was able to develop an API integration with Spotify. This has allowed a feed of playlists to be displayed on the website which the creators would share in order to provide runners with focus through music.

The integration involved pulling in follows and data about each playlist and displaying relevant details on our own UI


As with most sites of this nature, the client wanted to ensure they kept in touch with current and future customers through the use of marketing campaigns. The first step in this was to capture the details of everyone interested, which was achieved through an list of those willing to receive emails. My work for Soar also included building and managing their email campaigns through MailChimp’s email builder tools.

Within the website we capture email addresses and send those to MailChimp through the provided API, we then display this list within the admin area and provide tools to review and prune this list.


  • The website can be found here
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