Posted by Jon Deaves on Mar 6th, 2018

Trans-- is a game developed in just 48 hours as part of Global Game Jam 2018

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For the better part of the last decade I have taken part in Global Game Jam. In fact I believe I have taken part in 8 out of the 10 events.

For 2018, Trans— (Pronounced “Trans dash dash”) was my groups entry against the theme of “Transmission”. The event itself is always great fun to attend and as usual I turned up to the event without a team and eventually found a couple of guys I was at uni with and joined them.

After the presentations and theme announcement, we went to the pub for some food and brainstorming and so Trans— was born.

The game

The idea was to ensure local co-operative gameplay by making each level require both players to work together to solve puzzles.

These came in the form of identifying obstacles and deciding which player had the most suitable powers, sometimes having to combine powers through organization and well-timed execution. This would require each player to stop and discuss the best way to get past levels and puzzles.

The execution

As with most Game Jam, or indeed Hackathon, projects the execution wasn’t quite a full representation of our idea but it was a pretty great start.

We ended the weekend with a playable game, a sense of accomplishment and our fair share of bugs.

There were some simple, and some more challenging, puzzles which helped to show each of our core mechanics.

The tech

While developing the project I personally made use of each of the below.

  • Sleep deprivation
  • Caffeine
  • C#
  • Unity
  • USB SNES controllers
  • Pen & Paper


Due to the dependency on SNES controllers, the keyboard input is extremely awkward as it was just for testing. As such I will try to update this section with a playable demo as soon as I can make it less awkward.

  • The game’s info page can be found here

The future

This project was a great experience in terms of tech used, as I’ve always wanted to do more with Unity but generally couldn’t find the time to sit down and get started.

Now that I have the experience of this years game jam, I have been working on a rebuild of the project with a few changes to the gameplay to make it more playable.

  • Single player ‘tutorials’ to introduce you to the mechanics and some sample puzzles.
  • Local multiplayer to retain the co-operative elements
  • Networked multiplayer to expand to a wider audience
trans level1
trans slam
trans smokey