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Posted by Jon Deaves on Mar 4th, 2018

Visual Arts Scotland allows artists, applied artists and makers to show together.

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Visual Arts Scotland allows artists, applied artists and makers to show together.

The brief

While working with Everyone, a creative agency within Glasgow, I was able to take on a re-skin project to refresh the client’s website in order to improve the design and add additional features.


The exhibitions section of the website provides information and links to exhibitions being run and allows visitors of the website to get a taste for what each involves. This section includes list and detail views and are of course fully responsive.


The artist section was a new area of the site which allows each member of VAS to show their work and provide a biography.

This involved creating a list page of each artst with a highlight of their work as well as a more detailed page showing the full information for each artist.

The list page also includes a range of filters and search allowing the list to be reduced dependant on the visitors choices. These were created as custom html and css elements rather than standard form elements in order to keep with the websites look and feel.


The membership section was perhaps the biggest piece of work for this project as it involves not only creating information pages, but also to integrate with a payment provider.

The information page provides a summary of each membership level and allows the website user to choose the right option for them.

From there they are then taken to a registration page which provides details about the chosen membership level, captures all the required information from the user and then sends this information to the CMS for processing

Once registration is complete, the member can then link their paypal account for recurring billing, this was done through the PayPal API and would schedule recurring payments to be taken on the same date. As a result, there was business logic in place to take an immediate payment if the registration happened outwith a certain time from renewal date.

For example, if a person registers 6 months before renewal they would pay immediately for the current year. If a person registers 1 week before renewal, then they would not need to pay and the automatic renewal would handle the payments.


  • The website can be found here
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